Thank you Mobius Web for designing and developing my website - Makeup by Anet Elias
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Thank You

Thank you Mobius Web for designing and developing my website

Thank you Mobius Web for designing and developing my website

First and foremost, WELCOME TO MY BLOG! To those of you who will actually take time out of your day to read this, you are amazing! Wouldn’t have gotten this far without all your support. Speaking of support, there is one person in particular that needs mentioning, in fact this whole blog is going to be purely about her, Claudia from Mobius Web. Mobius Web has redesigned my website and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it looks. I wanted a website to showcase my style, my portfolio and have a way for me to engage with my clients.

Home Page

I asked Claudia from Mobius Web to make my home page have a wow factor. When she suggested a slider with a short video, I was breathless. Who even knew such a thing was possible. Mobile users would receive an image instead so that we don’t impact on their bandwidth.
Home Page Slider by Mobius Web
Each slider was a call to action to a certain part of the website. The page also included information about my services, my makeup brands, my portfolio and testimonials.

Other Pages


I wanted a way for my pricing to be clear to the user. Claudia was able to deliver this by breaking it up in price tables. Popular items are tagged as so. I know that usually make up artists don’t like to list their prices on their website and it is based on quotations only, but Claudia and I thought, why? Why should we not make it easier for our clients to just see the pricing themselves rather than go through an extra process of requesting a quotation from myself.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page was going to be very long. Claudia added the answers in an accordion so that it was shorter. Clients will be able to glance at the questions without having to read sections they don’t need to. In saying this, if there are more questions that seem to be asked frequently, we will continue to add to the page to make it easier for all of you.

Contact Page

This page shows a map of my studio and has a contact form to be able to get in touch with me. The recaptcha is there to stop me from receiving spam (she is always looking out for me). Sorry guys, one tiny extra step!


Claudia suggested I blog. I normally create video tutorials for my users and she suggested with the amount of content I add to social media, it would be beneficial for my clients if I list them on my website, and she was right! would she even think my first blog would be about her? SURPRISE

I highly recommend Mobius Web

Mobius Web is a very talented web development studio. My website is proof enough of this. Me being a perfectionist, I’m sure there were times that I might have driven her to insanity, but did she show it? not even a hint. Instead she encouraged me to be creative and she helped me display exactly what I wanted you all to see. Claudia is a very professional and highly skilled web developer and I would recommend her services to anyone. The amount of effort and time she invested into making my website PERFECT, I could never repay her for.

Claudia, if you are reading this, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything you have done and thank you for helping me get one step closer to achieving my goals and dreams.

Mobius Web is based in Ryde, Sydney Australia.

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